Essential Opportunities for the Proper Factoring Financing

A factoring company buys all receivables from your business and pays you a large part of the purchased invoice within one to two days (approx. 90%). You can have liquid funds immediately after the invoice has been issued. (Here you find the exact procedure of factoring)

Failure protection

In many companies, business is done in the hope that the customer will pay the bill at some point. Often this hope is not fulfilled. The factoring company minimizes your risk, since there is insurance for each the factoring company purchased claim.

Even before accepting an order, you know that the customer is “good” for the business. This security brings sovereignty. The banks are also rewarding the use of factoring: sales are secured and creditworthiness increases. Ultimately, this also improves the credit rating and rating of the company. The purchase order financing is always there.

Debtor management

Entrepreneurs know: Often, asking an open invoice can burden the customer relationship. Reminders do the rest. Factoring solves this problem. Debtor management is taken over by The factoring company – thus relieving you of administrative tasks on the one hand and on the other hand improving your customer relationship because the reminder system is made more objective.

The company takes the responsibility in dealing with your customers very seriously and act with utmost sensitivity:

A low level of capital adequacy in medium-sized companies, not least due to the new regulatory requirements for banks (Basel III), results in more difficult access to traditional loan financing. If companies cannot fully cover their capital requirements with bank loans, factoring is a flexible addition to the financing of sales.

Financing alternatives

The factoring company focuses its service portfolio on SMEs and works with you to develop individual solutions for your industry and your company. The companies operate independently of banks and you always talk to factoring with a decision-maker. Through our many years of experience, we just know what really matters.

The factoring company, a member of the traditional and financially strong group, is able to handle large volumes of receivables safely and reliably. In the 2018 financial year alone, the factoring company financed receivables of around 956 million.

From our experience we know that factoring is a good financing alternative even for large companies – especially when it comes to developing individual solutions for individual customer or market segments. From the daily collection of receivables, they always have a current and good insight into the economic conditions of many industriesan invaluable advantage for you.The advice also comes to you in terms of risk assessment and credit rating.

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