Finding the Right Drug Abuse Solutions

In no case should we forget that the treatment of a drug addict in a rehabilitation center can not do without family therapy, because it happens that in many cases the patient’s relationship with his family or close environment at the time of abuse of the prohibited formulations has been completely destroyed, so a thorough restoration is required. To stop using drugs these are the options that you can take now.

Co Dependence

Moreover, in recent years the concept of “codependence” has been used in practice. Since drug addicts usually live with their parents or already have a family, all relationships are gradually beginning to collapse. A common set of troubles and imbalance in relationships are considered co-dependence, this is a combination of action and state.

  • Believe me, codependence is not just a painful inner state, the whole family is suffering. At the same time, the problem often becomes the cause of relapse, but also a dangerous risk factor for various hereditary, genetic pathologies for the younger generation.
  • Co-dependents refer to persons who are married or close to a drug addict, and this also applies to alcoholics. Plus, it could be people who grew up in a despotic or repressive family.
  • In this context, it is said that when drug addiction absorbs a member of the family, its main symptoms, behavioral problems, and psychoemotional disorders result in all representatives of the sick person’s circle.

Accordingly, psychotherapeutic work with co-dependent relatives is an integral part of effective, complex treatment of the problem, in particular, at the stage of rehabilitation. It is important stable contact of the doctor with the patient’s close environment, as a result of the relationship in the family will gradually improve, and no one will suffer.

Main Goal

The main goal of therapy in the family circle is to cope with various obstacles in order to form a harmonious, socially-prosperous family. It turns out that relatives of a drug addict who undergoes rehabilitation should attend family psychotherapy courses, enroll in therapeutic communities and even self-help groups.

  • The use of such psychotherapy in practice has a basis for the treatment of drug addiction at the time of rehabilitation. The main task is to restore the personality and social status of the addicted person!
  • On a larger scale, a strong craving for drugs, insecurity, prevent a complete victory over the problem, it is important to completely isolate ourselves from the previous environment, so to speak, comrades and accomplices, who encouraged abuse. Accordingly, rehabilitation programs for drug addicts are usually organized in rehabilitation centers, where the therapeutic process lasts several months.

Also, Naltrexone is often perceived as the main means of drug treatment at the indicated stage. Its main advantages include prolonged action, effectiveness with oral intake and excellent antagonistic effect on opiates. The duration of the psychopharmacological course of recovery is explained by the general psychophysical state of the patient, this is a prerequisite for a number of psychotherapeutic and rehabilitation measures.

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